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Re: susan clubb

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 6/19/07
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    On 6/19/07, Not Again wrote:
    > On 6/19/07, yelowwolflassie wrote:
    >> I have been a friend and co-worker of susan and kevin for
    >> over 15 years.The article printed in the post has absolutly
    >> no truth to it.
    >> The auction is outragous and inhumane to breeding exotics.
    >> Most collections have been devided this way. If you can
    >> ship 10 pair of macaws to Calf. from FL and set them up,
    >> they breed just fine. Professional breeders know that
    >> changing an exotic's territory most of the time starts them
    >> to breed. Some people just move the cage. Birds get board.
    >> These activists that are pounding on the clubbs don't even
    >> know how to breed a parakeet. The first time they recieve
    >> an injured bird that is hopeless, who do they take it to
    >> for the patch up!!!!!!!Kevin-Susan-Kevin-Susan. These
    >> dagger tossers are hypacrites.
    >> Does anyone realize that two-thirds of the so called
    >> domestic breeders came from the import station in Miami
    >> that Susan and Kevin screened with a fine tooth comb and
    >> held for 60 days. At that time The Clubbs were documenting
    >> certian species and the diseases they carried in the wild.
    >> They discovered Sarco. Sarco is very deadly to cockatoos
    >> and macaws. Possiums are the carrier and as they roam an
    >> aviary they spread it with them. I had a good friend that
    >> lost 30 pair of cockatoos just because they did not know
    >> about the disease.
    >> Has anyone mentioned the amount of endangered species that
    >> the clubbs saved from stupid people and death and returned
    >> to the wild healthy. I worked with some of that project
    >> and have seen the babies in flight from birds that should
    >> have been dead.
    >> No-one has mentioned the return to Miami and Homestead
    >> after hurricane Andrew. I was there and the area smelled
    >> of nothing but rotten animals. We found birds smashed into
    >> trees, twisted in there cages with the door open. Those
    >> birds for the most part had babies in the nest. Alot were
    >> dead, but we saved the ones that were not. We patched
    >> broken legs, wings and beaks. We cleaned peoples cages and
    >> gave them food and water. I never saw money exchanged or
    >> ever talked about. That was never an issue. The birds
    >> were what we were concerned with.
    >> No one said a word to ABRC the former MacDonalds Icon when
    >> his birds were auctioned in Loxatchee several years. Most
    >> of what ABRC learned from kevin and susan. ABRC had birds
    >> that were never leagal but were never questioned either.
    >> Documentation was never asked to be shown. Mabe that is
    >> why ABRC had armed guards and concrete walls around his
    >> facility.
    >> Every person that spoke in the Post article did not know
    >> one iota about the clubbs and there business. I bet if
    >> they had a sick bird it went right to the clubbs.
    >> A note to New York jresident Silvija Vecrumba--where were
    >> you at 911 and weeks later. I bet you did not push to
    >> rescue abandon exotic pets that were starving to death.
    >> Stay away from my friends and let them do what they need to
    >> do to get on with there lives. You know we are only as
    >> sick as are secrets and I know not one of you have checked
    >> out your own glass house. You have been too busy casting
    >> crap at other people. That is one reason I quit the bird
    >> business and disappeared until now.Leave them alone!!!!!
    > Nice to see crazy is alive and well on Birdmart. Who gives
    > rat's azz about these people!

    well said !!