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Re: For Sale post go to security

Posted by Robert on 6/28/07
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    On 6/28/07, Tim Central Florida wrote:
    > On 6/27/07, Dave wrote:
    >> On 6/27/07, Tim Central Florida wrote:
    >>> Every time I try to post a for Sale I get this message
    >>> saying sent to Administrator for security or something.
    >>> The only thing different from past years is I have moved
    >>> from Ohio to Florida, but I still raise birds.
    >>> Does anyone know why I am picked out every time? I want
    >>> the ad to run when I place it or I would not take the time
    >>> to do it.
    >>> So if anyone knows why let me in on it and I will change
    >>> how I post.
    >>> Thanks
    >>> Tim
    >> The 2 main reasons that the message appears are
    >> 1---Foul language is being used or is questionable
    >> 2---Email address and For Sale posts must now go into the
    >> CLASSIFIED SECTION ( FOR SALE )--------Dave
    > I recieved the above email and I did nothing that was said no
    > foul language and all went to for sale, so my question is not
    > answered. I just looked and my post was never put on the For
    > Sale at all. I ask you to please look at my post and tell me
    > what I have done wrong and how to correct it. I check BirdMart
    > every day and have sold my babys to a lot of very nice people,
    > but unless I find out why my ad's are being rejected no reason
    > to even look because if my post are not put on I don't know if
    > the people I respond to get my emails
    > You should inform us when we can not email people that post and
    > most people on here say the same thing they do not recieve
    > their emails, there are a lot of scam's on here also,but the
    > ones that have used this service are being picked out. I have
    > never griped about anything on here and always been very polite
    > to all and answer usually with 30 min of recieving an email.
    > Please don't take this as being a gripper I am not. I just
    > want my ad's to be seen by people I trust to give my pet a good
    > home.
    > Thanks so much for your time
    > Tim Litchfield, Central Florida

    Tim, if this is the Dave that used to post here he tries to give
    intelligent answers but really doesn't know beans about what he's
    It's true that foul or inappropriate language could prevent a
    posting, but other than that, it just might be a glitch in the
    posting that particular time.
    Try again and see if it works.