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Re: beware/also in tiel board

Posted by Misty on 7/13/07
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    On 7/12/07, ben wrote:
    > I just wanted to remind,warn, or advise everyone about
    > letting your birds out for fresh air. This evening i had
    > my 2 tiels outside on our deck, i heard the male yelling
    > really loud, like i have never heard him do before. I
    > went to inspect and seen a black snake in the bottom of
    > the cage with his mate trying to be swallowed. I went to
    > get a gun and within 20 seconds the snake was gone.
    > Apparently she must of been to big to swallow or he was
    > frightened by our screaming because he let her loose and
    > went away. I feel so bad about this, i tried to secure the
    > cage in case something knocked it over, that the doors
    > would not open, etc. It's a really bad feeling and i hate
    > it happened. REALLY HATE IT HAPPENED! Just beware and
    > make sure your birds are supervised, i feel like such a
    > looser! Just watch out please.

    Who would have thought? Obviously you didn't think you'd
    find a snake in the cage so don't feel guilty. She's ok now
    thank God! Now ya know you got snakes! Wow how scared you
    must of felt. Just give her lots of love :)