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Re: The End / Hey Skeeter

Posted by Matt B on 7/18/07
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    On 7/18/07, Skeeter Davis wrote:
    > On 7/18/07, Matt B wrote:
    >> On 7/18/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    >>> On 7/18/07, Skeeter Davis wrote:
    >>>> On 7/17/07, Matt B wrote:
    >>>>> On 7/17/07, Skeeter Davis wrote:
    >>>>>> Skeeter Davis - 1964
    >>>>>> Why does the sun go on shining
    >>>>>> Why does the sea rush to shore
    >>>>>> Don't they know it's the end of the world
    >>>>>> 'Cause you don't love me any more
    >>>>>> Why do the birds go on singing
    >>>>>> Why do the stars glow above
    >>>>>> Don't they know it's the end of the world
    >>>>>> It ended when I lost your love
    >>>>>> I wake up in the morning and I wonder
    >>>>>> Why everything's the same as it was
    >>>>>> I can't understand, no, I can't understand
    >>>>>> How life goes on the way it does
    >>>>>> Why does my heart go on beating
    >>>>>> Why do these eyes of mine cry
    >>>>>> Don't they know it's the end of the world
    >>>>>> It ended when you said goodbye
    >>>>>> Why does my heart go on beating
    >>>>>> Why do these eyes of mine cry
    >>>>>> Don't they know it's the end of the world
    >>>>>> It ended when you said goodbye
    >>>>> ----------------------------------------------
    >>>>> So, what's your point??
    >>>> I wanted you to see me and my #1 hit!
    >>> No more "hits" for you. Put the crack pipe down and make me a pie
    >> -----------------------------------------------------------------
    >> Hey *Skeeter*, I hope that what you're using is giving you a great
    >> rush. Maybe you forgot about yourself so I'll refresh your memory,
    >> you arsehole
    >> Skeeter Davis
    >> AKA Mary Frances Penick
    >> Born: 30-Dec-1931
    >> Birthplace: Dry Ridge, KY
    >> Died: 19-Sep-2004
    >> Location of death: Alive Hospice, Nashville, TN
    >> Cause of death: Cancer - Breast
    >> Gender: Female
    >> Religion: Christian
    >> Race or Ethnicity: White
    >> Sexual orientation: Straight
    >> Occupation: Country Musician
    >> Nationality: United States
    >> Executive summary: Country vocalist at Grand Ole Opry
    >> Sang with the Grand Ole Opry for forty years starting in 1959. She
    >> was suspended for a short time in 1973 after protesting the arrest
    >> of what she termed "Jesus Freaks". Originally she teamed up with
    >> Betty Jack Davis in the 1950's as the "Davis Sisters", choosing as
    >> her stage name Skeeter Davis. Betty died in a 1953 automobile
    >> accident.
    >> Skeeter's hits include The End of the World (1963), I'm Saving My
    >> Love, and I Can't Stay Mad at You.
    >> Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1988, it recurred in 1996.
    >> Father: William Penick
    >> Husband: Kenneth Depew
    >> Husband: Ralph Emery (m. 1960, div. 1964)
    >> Husband: Joey Stampinato (div. 1996)
    >> Daughter: Sarah Penick
    >> Sister: Susan
    > I'm dead? Oh dear! I had no idea. I guess I haven't crossed over
    > yet. I just had lunch with my daughter Sarah.

    Skeeter, Not to worry. Everything's cool. So, how ya been? It's been
    ages. How's the family up there?
    Listen, do you ever bump into Janis Joplin? She was so tiny and HOT.
    How's Jim Morrison doing? I hear that he's crossed the line. Last I
    heard he was a Back Door Man and recently visited Brokeback Mountain.
    Man, so many have left us. It's a good thing that everyone was able to
    meet at Woodstock. Why weren't you there. They were looking for
    country and western. Willie Nelson was really looking forward to
    seeing you there. I hope Jimmy Hendrix has finally decided to stop
    using that heavy duty stuff. It's pretty well known that he spiked a
    *hot shot*. It was 99 percent pure. James Brown still doing his * moon
    Things been going well down here. Of course we're having trouble with
    Iraq. Everyone's right handed there. They use the left hand for
    wiping. I can remember seeing you a while back. You did your songs
    with such feelings. Ya gave alot of guys the tingles. Well baby, miss
    ya alot. Have a safe trip back. One thing tho, as you travel back make
    sure you don't bump into any satellites. So far, it aint the end of
    the world here but we've got a groovy thing going on called global
    warming. Thanks for stopping by. Be good.