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Re: Any one seen this site?

Posted by No-Perch plx on 11/27/07
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    On 9/29/07, Mercedez wrote:
    > If you dont want their Email ads, un register the emails to come
    > to you. You dont have to have the emaisl come to you. And I know
    > the owners and they arent not scammers. Why do you think their
    > site is very popular? I dont think its because they scam. And I
    > believe that site is MUCH BETTER than most bird sites with
    > stiores. Infact its the best. And its forum is hell abetter than
    > this one. It keeps spammers and freak and scammers OUT o ftheir
    > forums.. unlike this one:(
    > This is my opinion :)

    You being there is enough to say it ALL about the perch! You were
    outed for trying to steal birds, lying about rescue's. You allowed
    your own family to abuse your bird & thought it was funny. Anyone
    that allows people "Like you" around - - is a joke!