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Re: Any one seen this site?

Posted by Bob R/CA on 11/29/07
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    On 9/29/07, Mercedez wrote:
    > If you dont want their Email ads, un register the emails to come
    > to you. You dont have to have the emaisl come to you. And I know
    > the owners and they arent not scammers. Why do you think their
    > site is very popular? I dont think its because they scam. And I
    > believe that site is MUCH BETTER than most bird sites with
    > stiores. Infact its the best. And its forum is hell abetter than
    > this one. It keeps spammers and freak and scammers OUT o ftheir
    > forums.. unlike this one:(
    > This is my opinion :)

    My opinion is you are from their site and were looking for some
    free advertising, and didn't like what you got. That's the
    downside of a whisper campaign, sometimes it bites ya in the tail