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Re: Any one seen this site?

Posted by She is in the House on 12/10/07
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    And just so you know, not like it matters or anything, I was found
    innocent, and that fat cow was found guilty, not me. But it doesnt
    bother me what you say about me. Not going to change who I am and as
    much as whatever I say wont change you. :)

    You were
    > outed for trying to steal birds, lying about rescue's. You allowed
    > your own family to abuse your bird & thought it was funny.


    And in all honesty, I havent heard this rumor about me. Anymore you
    would like to share with me that I should be aware of that I "did"?
    lol. Oh please do go on. Lets talk about "me", since Im so popular
    ^_- I'd like to know more of this 411.

    -mrs. popular