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Re: Any one seen this site?

Posted by Diana on 12/10/07
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    To the people who play enet wars

    You all need to just get a life. Why can yopu psot with your real
    names, or atleast a name you use over the enet? Why do yo uhave to be
    so childish? Please no advertizing, even if that site wants you to,
    but please do not start pity fights over it and make up things or call
    eachother names! Childish! And I and many others, wonder why you have
    birds, ESPECIALLY if you plan to spend all your time arguing and
    causing fights here, go take care of your feathered ones instead!
    There is so much more to life than sitting around, waiting for the
    next person to respond to your cruel sick jokes or humor. Or perhaps
    you do not have birds (or once had them) because of the way you act??

    Everyone just GROW UP and stop these useless, stupid, enet wars1 Get a