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Re: Any one seen this site?

Posted by Cindy on 12/10/07
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    Kitty dont listen to anyone who doesnt use a name. They are nameless
    fools who have nothing better to do then to pick on those they know they
    can hurt in anyway possible. I for one dont believe half of what most
    peolpe say on the internet. Most crap are all lies, nonesence and
    worthless for my attention. A word of advice, since I know your still
    young, dont take things so personally or serious when your on the
    computer, it'll make your life easier.. Want to know how I see things,
    if someone posts something useless and tries to make me look like an
    idiot or fool, either just ignore them, dont give them the attention
    they desire and crave, 2) report them if it because harassment.