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Re: Registering a rescue

Posted by Cindy A on 11/11/07
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    I would start by googling the Department of State for where
    you live. They have all kinds of info available to you.
    There are variations state by state of what you must do, and
    there are a lot of different types of 501c's.
    If your state does not have this info online, the next place
    to look is at your local county courthouse. They should be
    able to direct you to the proper office. Your local State
    Rep or Senator's office is also a wealth of FREE info and
    Beware of the online sites that will charge you for free
    public info.
    If none of this gets you off and started you could contact a
    local rescue, doesn't have to be bird related, any breed of
    dog will do. They may be willing to give you a starting
    Cindy A

    On 10/24/07, Lilly wrote:
    > Hi, Can anyone tell me WHO to contact, or what the first
    > step is in order to get my rescue registered nonprofit
    > 501C??
    > Thanks so much, appreciate any advice!