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Re: Electra( Merry Christmas)

Posted by Happy Holidays to you on 12/16/07
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    On 12/16/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > Bill O Reilly poll 90 percent are of a Christian Faith
    > in the USA which is a good number as smart people know
    > Christ is lord which leaves 10 percent of which you would
    > call idiots basically and believe it or not of those 10
    > percent 9.9 percent of those are bird people what attracts
    > Satans Army to Exotic animals, im not sure......
    > Lets look at last year 5 people on this board of hundreds
    > bothered to say Merry Christmas....this the type of people
    > you want to hang out with, I dont think so , The non
    > believer is a dummy dummy dummy , why would you want to
    > talk birds with a dummy for...hahhaaha
    > Paul Jr

    Well, let's see. For starters, Billy O'Reilly conducting a
    Poll doesn't sound to promising as he is BASICALLY a one
    sided person with his views. He has proven that.

    Secondly, being of any Religious Sect is of "taught and
    taught only" Faith descending from many centuries of
    Religious Preaching, drowning people with Undocumented
    Archival Facts about the Bible. But, without Faith and the
    constant everchanging bible revisions to meet each and
    everyones own meanings, millions of people would be lost.

    Thirdly, if you feel as you do regarding people on this
    forum who do not wish others a Merry Christmas, then I feel
    they are not the dummy, dummy, dummy, but instead you are.
    Such a ridiculous comment to make. I have read no where that
    it is a given, that anyone has to wish anyone a Merry
    Christmas. You do so with the spirit in your heart.

    And lastly, from some of your postings I have are not so deserving to maybe recieve a
    Merry Christmas from others. Could this this true reason?