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Re: For Curley

Posted by For Cruella on 12/17/07
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    On 12/17/07, Cruella wrote:
    > On 12/17/07, Curley wrote:
    >> On 12/16/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >>> Bill O Reilly poll 90 percent are of a Christian Faith
    >>> in the USA which is a good number as smart people know
    >>> Christ is lord which leaves 10 percent of which you would
    >>> call idiots basically and believe it or not of those 10
    >>> percent 9.9 percent of those are bird people what attracts
    >>> Satans Army to Exotic animals, im not sure......
    >>> Lets look at last year 5 people on this board of hundreds
    >>> bothered to say Merry Christmas....this the type of people
    >>> you want to hang out with, I dont think so , The non
    >>> believer is a dummy dummy dummy , why would you want to
    >>> talk birds with a dummy for...hahhaaha
    >>> Paul Jr
    >> Merry Xmas and a Happy Holiday to Paulo and the rest of the
    >> people of BirdMart.
    > I'm surprised to see that your son hasn't put you in a home yet.
    You must be there waiting for her and you are just jealous you
    have to spend your holidays there while Curley is having fun with
    FYI Curley is and always has been a nice person. You on the
    other hand only come out from your rock when others are getting
    attention and you aren't