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Re: Merry Christmas

Posted by Bejesus on 1/03/08
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    On 1/03/08, Pami wrote:
    > On 12/25/07, Alison wrote:
    >> On 12/24/07, Pamela wrote:
    >>> Merry Christmas everyone!
    >> ________________________________________________
    >> MERRY CHRISTMAS to you also and to everyone else here at
    >> Birdmart!
    > Glad to see you're still here Alison. I went away a while
    > back because of Paul Jr. Then he disappeared and now i come
    > back just to find out he's back again.
    > Good bye, is more hibernating for me. See you in the Spring

    I think he's in a facility, but they haven't regulated his meds
    yet to get him into a manageable stupor. When he gets to use the
    computer in the social room, he heads straight for Birdmart.
    Even that old fart Curley doesn't visit him. Can't leave those
    Hyacinths! LOL