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Re: Changing their diet ?

Posted by GreyLady on 5/24/08
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    life. How can I change it's
    > diet to fresh fruit and veg.?
    You can do it but expect it to be very slow going. Diet
    change, even when for the better, is a hard sell to most
    birds. It must be done gradually. We cannot "starve" a bird
    into eating correctly. Start to offer her a big variety of
    fresh and steamed veggies, fresh fruits, scrambled eggs,
    cooked brown rice, toasted whole grain bread and other good
    foods. Don't be surprised if she turns up her nose for
    several times but the key is, do not give up. Be persistent
    in offering new healthy items. Then, very gradually, start
    to reduce the amount of seeds, especially sunflower seeds,
    from her diet. Also try her on some pellets, mixed with her
    seed mix. There is nothing wrong with birds having some
    seeds as part of their diet. It's my opinion, they all
    should have some, to help keep down boredome. But keeping
    them down around 20% of the entire diet is always my own goal
    with my flock. Good luck.