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Re: Baby Alexandrine parrot

Posted by GreyLady on 8/04/08
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    On 8/02/08, Lynne wrote:
    > I am confused by my new parrots behavior. He/she is a 4
    > month old- weaned - hand feed Alexandrine. She is very shy
    > and is clearly not comfortable with hands - she is not
    > happy to step up and acts alarmed when approached. HOWEVER
    > when she is held she is so content she falls a sleep. She
    > will let me hold a stroke her for hours. Why is she so
    > confortable in one way with contact and so shy with
    > another. What can I do to help her? Lynne

    I'd suggest just keep doing what you are doing. Maybe
    working with a few step ups while she is safely over your
    lap. Place her on your lap and "ladder" her 4 or 5 times,
    per session, then cuddle her a bunch afterwards. It may be
    that she was allowed to fall from someone's hand while she
    was still so little she had not yet developed good balance
    and a good grip. That would make her fearful of taking
    another tumble, even though she can probably now balance and
    grip just fine. Of course there are many other reasons she
    may have that fear and it's not likely you will ever really
    know. Just keep doing things to build her confidence and
    trust, and she should come around just fine, with time. Good
    luck with the little sweety.