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Re: Hi electra

Posted by Paul jr on 10/17/08
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    On 10/17/08, electra wrote:
    > NO BIRDS???? either at the moment.....had
    > a death in the mom has cancer and i'm caring
    > for my father in law......even gave up my B&G cause my
    > father in law couldn't take the noise. So i'm thinking
    > either a cockateil or a green cheek conure. You should at
    > least have one Paulo:)

    I dont even have a finch feather

    I decided with society the way its going works
    against bird ownership most people got to work
    like a dog to make ends meet so I made the decision
    out with the birds and into sportfishing so the hard working
    folks can go fishing on sunday...We got a big mako shark
    this season.Gas prices aint helping the fishing business glenda in my chat might have some teils or
    conures perhaps.

    Im glad my birds are eating over at somebody elses house for

    > On 10/11/08, Paul jr wrote:
    >> Hey there,
    >> Im doing just fine, I dont have any birds anymore but we
    >> still bird chat on my chat, kinda funny lot more bird
    >> chatters in chat since I sold all mine....hahahaha
    >> Paul