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Re: Hi electra

Posted by Curley on 10/17/08
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    On 10/17/08, Paul jr wrote:
    > On 10/17/08, electra wrote:
    >> NO BIRDS???? either at the moment.....had
    >> a death in the mom has cancer and i'm caring
    >> for my father in law......even gave up my B&G cause my
    >> father in law couldn't take the noise. So i'm thinking
    >> either a cockateil or a green cheek conure. You should at
    >> least have one Paulo:)
    > I dont even have a finch feather
    > I decided with society the way its going works
    > against bird ownership most people got to work
    > like a dog to make ends meet so I made the decision
    > out with the birds and into sportfishing so the hard working
    > folks can go fishing on sunday...We got a big mako shark
    > this season.Gas prices aint helping the fishing business
    > glenda in my chat might have some teils or
    > conures perhaps.
    > Im glad my birds are eating over at somebody elses house for
    > free...hahahahaah
    > Paul
    >> On 10/11/08, Paul jr wrote:
    >>> Hey there,
    >>> Im doing just fine, I dont have any birds anymore but we
    >>> still bird chat on my chat, kinda funny lot more bird
    >>> chatters in chat since I sold all mine....hahahaha
    >>> Paul

    No new songs Paul? I miss you dear.