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Post: Merry Christmas(Messiah)

Posted by Paul Jr on 12/24/08

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    The birth of the Messiah Son of God folks (incredible)

    The Creator of all living things has a birthday amazing if
    you think about it....

    Marry preginated by Arc Angel Gabriel... just to give us a
    fair chance as were all fallen angels ...How could be
    possibly be judged or considered sinners if there were no
    rules to start with...

    God put himself here on the planet to show you the way
    back to paradice which we came from only fair thing to do
    if you think about it....How could a normal sinner as
    yourself possibly show you the way.

    I predicted 3 years ago on this site what was gona happen
    who can call me wrong today...people thought i was crazy
    not gona happen...whats happened is your worse nitemare...

    what is the reason for this happening is we live in a

    God the creator loves hard workers not lazy people..He
    works daily is the reason.

    He created you to be productive in is will and thinking
    your gona give million dollars and make 10 percent and
    watch Tv is unproductive and a waiste of life...

    hedge funds
    mutual funds
    401k plans
    so forth

    is an illusion

    Dont give your hard earned money to some fat cat hoping
    your life is set forever with no work it aint gona happen
    if your unproductive your life is over and you would be in
    heaven already.....retirement aint in Gods or this worlds
    best interests....

    We created bailouts for the losers and the lazy of the

    Paul Jr

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