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Post: whats next for us whats done is done

Posted by Paul Jr on 12/24/08

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    I want you to understand as a Christian or muslim Jewish
    were all judge the same on earth Christians during
    judgement get a pass to the next lifetime is all and get
    to see all of Gods promises the rest were just used as
    tools to teach the next level of selected.....

    The earth only guarentees the 10 commandments given to
    moses thats why you see no differance in basic humans
    cross the 10 commandments and you have a fair disiplin to
    all and thats fair thing dont you think....

    The life here on earth will get better much better forget
    about religion its gona get great better then you have
    ever seen it....We will all make lots of money just manage
    till about end of march.....Im gona push hard work now and
    the sky is the limit for everybody we have great things
    about to happen and its gona be will
    walk around and see smiles on everybodies face....

    Paul caronna jr says, The world will come closer and love
    each other as it was meant to be lessons will be learned
    and we will all profit from it of all religions....mark my
    words here and trust me.....Do you part of no 10
    commandments are broken in your life during this time and
    watch God work in your life

    Paul Jr

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