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Re: Lost Umbrella Cockatoo

Posted by karen on 8/27/09
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    On 8/26/09, Little Girl wrote:
    > She flew out the back door last saturday and I've been
    > going crazy looking for her. Today I got a call she's
    > across the bay(22 years old never out of the house and
    > flys across the bay) I went flying over there of'course
    > but no sign of her. How do I get her home????

    parrot 911 has good tips

    Get friends to help, walk, drive & call for your baby
    put up Many posters w/phone# & $$reward
    If you get a good tip
    Go door to door with flyers & give your cell#
    Your girl is HUNGRY & frightened use that!
    Fear may keep her quiet but at sunrise & sun set listen for
    her contact call -get friends to help & spread out
    best of luck