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Re: Powder and computers

Posted by GreyLady on 12/27/09
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    I haven't had that problem. But, I keep piece of thin, net
    like material over all my equipment. Thin enough for it to
    breathe well but catches the dust. I think that's a good
    idea, birds or no birds. Don't be fooled by size of the
    bird. Cockatiels are some of the most dust/dander birds you
    can have around.
    It's also a good idea, for the bird's health, to always use
    an air cleaner. Not anything that ionizes as it's not been
    decided whether they are harmful to bird or not. Just a HEPA
    filtered air cleaner. I keep two running in my bird room at
    all times. Really makes a difference. That and making sure
    the humidity doesn't get too low.