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Re: Carl Woodall

Posted by Tim on 1/05/10
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    Unfortunately your experience seems to be the norm
    > when trying to do business over the internet involving live
    > animals. Good luck. Hope you can track him down.

    I have been doing business online since it was available and
    have never had any problems with being scammed, cheated
    ect..bottom line is, the majority of the people that get
    scammed is of their own fault, instead of checking out
    references, making phonecalls and following up, they see a
    cheap price, act on it, then when they get scammed come onto
    sites like this looking for references and if somebody knows
    someone, yadda, yadda, yadda. Guess what? Its too late then,
    if these people had taken the time, did their homework, there
    wouldn't be any of this, but thats human nature I guess,
    instant gratification, lowest price, its amazing to me how
    many get into this business and in a few short years get out.
    My advice to everyone is, if you are going to buy sight
    unseen, then do some research, ask for references, look up the
    bird club in their state and ask them, ask for their vet,
    these are all very simple things you can do, if you can't get
    a reference or a vet number then pass on dealing with that
    person, its really that simple. Its just a little bit of
    effort that can pay off huge.