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Re: Carl Woodall

Posted by Glenda in SE GA on 1/05/10
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    On 1/03/10, Martin Mustain wrote:
    > I bought a Black Cap Caique from this guy in October and
    > he said he had a death in the family but still has not
    > sent me my bird.Its now January 2010. Anybody in Atlanta
    > know anything about this guy Carl Woodall? I have phone
    > number and address and th town he lives in.

    I met Carl once when I bought 2 Cockatoos from him in 2005
    and found him to be a very nice and fair man. The birds were
    exactly what he described them to be. I did not go to his
    home but he met me outside of Atlanta to conclude the deal.
    Have you tried contacting him?