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Re: Carl Woodall

Posted by Glenda in SE GA on 1/07/10
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    On 1/07/10, GreyLady wrote:
    > I'm glad for you that you had a positive outcome. However, if
    > he was reluctant to allow me to come to his place and if he
    > insisted on meeting me elsewhere, that would have been a huge
    > red flag for me. I would have felt he had something to hide.
    > But I admit to being maybe overly paranoid about bird mills,
    > puppy mills and the like. Even if I had begun a transaction
    > over the internet, I would have insisted in completing it in
    > person and at the breeding site. As someone else said,
    > research, research, get provable recommendations, then either
    > go see for yourself or don't do business with someone so far
    > away you can't do that.

    Carl invited me to his house and never insisted on meeting me
    elsewhere. I was the one that asked if he could meet me. All I
    know is I met a nice man and got 2 very nice birds.