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Re: Carl Woodall

Posted by GreyLady on 1/19/10
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    On 1/07/10, Glenda in SE GA wrote:
    > Carl invited me to his house and never insisted on meeting me
    > elsewhere. I was the one that asked if he could meet me. All I
    > know is I met a nice man and got 2 very nice birds.
    > Glenda

    As I said, I'm happy you had a good outcome. But the other side of
    the coin is this. You may be exactly who you say you are and have
    had exactly the experience you say. But looking at it from the
    other side of the internet, you could just as easily be Carl
    himself, posting under another name, providing a false reference.
    It happens more than we would like to thinkand we have no way to
    know for sure. That's why in-person, reliable references are
    always the best or else don't try to do business with a person.