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Re: Carl Woodall

Posted by Geri on 9/15/11
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    On 3/02/11, Marie wrote:
    > On 1/19/10, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 1/07/10, Glenda in SE GA wrote:
    >>> Carl invited me to his house and never insisted on meeting me
    >>> elsewhere. I was the one that asked if he could meet me. All I
    >>> know is I met a nice man and got 2 very nice birds.
    >>> Glenda
    >> As I said, I'm happy you had a good outcome. But the other side
    > of
    >> the coin is this. You may be exactly who you say you are and have
    >> had exactly the experience you say. But looking at it from the
    >> other side of the internet, you could just as easily be Carl
    >> himself, posting under another name, providing a false reference.
    >> It happens more than we would like to thinkand we have no way to
    >> know for sure. That's why in-person, reliable references are
    >> always the best or else don't try to do business with a person.
    > Is this the same man you are talking about Seems he is a fortune
    > teller too if so