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Re: Remember Alison?

Posted by Jane on 4/08/10
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    On 4/07/10, Lacey wrote:

    > I tried checking the wayback machine which is a site that
    > shows old sites that are now gone but it only shows it as
    > being sdisabled
    > There was a Alison that done transport up that way for
    > Avian rescue
    > She worked with the group Foster Parrots Maybe see if it is
    > the same person
    > if you had a last name i may be able to dig up a little
    > more info Sorry did not know her

    Thank you for the lead and for trying, I will check out Foster
    Parrots and see if they know anything about her whereabouts.
    She mentioned Foster Parrots and All Cape Parrots before on
    occasion and she did have links to them both on her website, I
    just didn't remember until you brought it up. Thank you again.