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Re: When getting a FREE Cockatoo

Posted by Everywhere on 4/01/10
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    On 4/01/10, Everywhere wrote:
    > Okay I was being kind, My husband and I took in this
    > Cockatoo. The man came to our home and saw our care and 9
    > Parrots we have. When I saw this cage, 2 cement perches
    > covered in mold and Poop, some dried up apple, 2 dog choke
    > chains for toys in a cockatiel. conure cage. I would have
    > been ashamed after seeing cages that are cleaned daily,
    > and toys deglore and birds that are very well cared
    > for.After buying cage 699.00 and Avian Vet exam and full
    > pannel work up 489.00 Man wants to come visit. Okay we are
    > to better birds life foot the bill and answer to one that
    > wouldnt provide proper care, Get lost Bird is in better
    > hands!