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Re: Email

Posted by GreenLady on 4/05/10
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    On 4/05/10, Renate Scott wrote:
    > Have been trying to email someone on the classified ads
    > about a bird but when I click on 'send email' I get a
    > message that says my request has been sent to the
    > administrator????? How do you reach people who advertise
    > on this site???
    > Sign me: FRUSTRATED

    Dear Frustrated,
    Depending on the "words" used in your mail might be the
    reason your mail is being forwarded to the administrator.
    They don't have to be vulgar or obscene. The program used to
    operate this site has a list of words that causes this to
    happen if they are detected in a post or message response.
    Review what you wrote and see if you could find anything that
    would trigger this response.

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