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Re: A message from the owner..

Posted by Charlie on 8/11/11
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    There are no "reputable" breeders. Good luck with your "product".

    On 7/02/11, dawn wrote:
    > Hi, my name is Dawn, the sole owner of "For The Birds" in
    > Turnersville NJ, I would like to announce a change in
    > regard to the breeders that are affiliated with my store.
    > Please understand that since opening on March 19, 2011,
    > this has been a learning experience both as a business
    > owner and as a bird lover. In order to maintain the
    > highest level of customer satisfaction possible, as well
    > as build a respectable reputation in this industry,
    > dealing with reputable breeders is a necessity. I pride
    > myself in selling quality products. My store is small, so
    > even when a customer is looking for a product I do not
    > have in stock, I always take the extra step in effort to
    > supplying the customer's needs. Anyone who has actually
    > been in my store knows this. Unfortunately, with the
    > computer age that we live in, people from different states
    > all over the country can talk privately or publicly
    > which can lead to rumors, gossip and slander. I have no
    > need to post anything on bird breeder type websites. I am
    > a retail store. I do not sell wholesale baby birds,
    > however, I do sell tame, pet ready birds (that I spoil as
    > if they were my own), quality seed, cages, treats, with a
    > gift shop look and feel when you walk in, and all the fun
    > stuff that brings a bird enthusiast out to check out
    > what's new. I form relationships with my customers, and
    > their birds. The best time in my day is when I have
    > multiple "soon to be parents" visiting there new baby and
    > we all sit and chat about birds. If that sounds like your
    > kind of store, then that would be mine. Well, that is all
    > I have to say, you will probably never see a post from me
    > again, as I have already mentioned, my customers are in
    > the retail end of this business.