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Re: Anyone want to participate in a Bird Expo in Houston TX?

Posted by Jorge on 8/23/11
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    On 8/23/11, Jorge wrote:
    > I have been searching for Bird events (expos, marts, etc) in
    > the great Houston TX area, and I cannot find that many of
    > them if any. With the exception of course of Parrot Festival.
    > So I would like to organize one but wonder how many people
    > would be interested in even participate as vendor, or even
    > would like to attend this kind of event??
    > The even would be probably held in the SW of town. Missouri
    > City/Stafford area. Tentative date: someday in November
    > Please email me and let me know your interest or opinion.
    > Hope to hear from you guys
    > JP

    I meant to say EVENT, no "even"
    My apologize for the typo