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Re: Pricing my bird

Posted by GreyLady on 12/26/11
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    On 12/22/11, justme wrote:
    > I have a Red-Sided Male Eclectus that is going on 5 years
    > old.
    > How does one decide a price for their bird and items when
    > they wish to sell them?
    > justme

    You could go on line to several different Eclectus breeders
    and get an average of what they are asking. Keep in mind,
    reputable breeders generally ask only about half the price
    you will see/pay in a pet store. Same with cages. Check
    several sites for prices new of comparable cages, toys,
    perches, then consider yours are used and in what condition.
    But the most important thing is to be sure you are asking
    enough to insure the bird is getting a good home. That must
    be foremost in your decision making process. Be sure to make
    a list for any new owner telling them everything possible
    about your bird. It's likes, dislikes, diet, vocabulary,
    everything you can think of. Rehoming is hard enough on them
    so if the new person has all possible information to make the
    change as stress free as possible, that's the best for the