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    Re: New to las vegas


    Posted on 12/06/13
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    On 4/12/13, Leah wrote:
    > Hey my name is Leah. I just moved to las vegas and havent
    > meet too many people yet. I have 5 parrots, a scarlet
    > macaw, female and male eclectus, amazon, and a green cheek
    > conure. Like to make some new friends who love parrots
    > too. If anyone is in the area, send me and email.

    I'm in Ca central valley. I'm interested in your eclectuses.
    I have a rescue male who plucks and barbers his feathers.
    Supposedly he's been doing it for 5 or more years. Wondered if
    you'd had any trouble like that. Also I went to Las Vegas for
    7 days. Too long. When I got home my congo grey was plucking
    for the first time. I've been back for 2 months but he hasn't
    stopped. It's heartbreaking.

    How do you manage so many? And an amazon and a macaw among
    them! I've wanted an amazon for quite awhile, but figure I'd
    better get this situation under control first if possible.

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