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    Post: Lost Jenday Conure


    Posted on 5/18/14
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    Hi I have lost my VERY curious George, he is a Jenday
    conure and has green wings and tail, reddish-orange body,
    yellow head and neck. I lost him on April 25th of this year
    as my dad came in the door and freaked him out. We live in
    Lincoln MA right next to rt. 2 and handscome airfield but
    was last seen on Deerhaven rd in Lincoln. I have left food
    water cage and some of his favorite toys on the deck but I
    am worried he got too far from home to see them. Please get
    in touch with me if you see him or even if you think you
    have!! My email address is Me and
    his GF/cage buddy Lorelei miss him more than you could know
    and don't know what we will do if we can't find him. Thanks
    SO much for your time!

    -Hannah and Lorelei

    Find Lost George

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