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    Post: Seattle Parrot Expo

    Ellen Lane

    Posted on 9/20/20
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    September 26th through October 3rd, 2020

    FLIGHT CLUB FOUNDATION invites parrot owners, lovers and
    educators to join us – online - for our 7th annual Seattle
    Parrot Expo.

    We've put together a week of fun and instruction,
    entertainment and inspiration for parrot owners, lovers and
    educators everywhere. We’re pleased to present exclusive
    parrot-centric content by world renowned instructors,
    trainers and teachers, along with educational
    entertainment, lectures and forums, live chats, Q & A, and
    much, much more.

    Imagine asking a parrot to do a behavior from across the
    virtual landscape live! We're making it happen. Expo
    attendees bridge all ages. Contributors cover the world.
    You just never know where or who your answers might come
    from in our online format as our network, like parrots,
    spans the globe. You could be chatting with someone as far
    away as Bolivia or Australia. Professionals can receive
    continuing education credits for course attendance.

    Advanced courses, book readings for kids, live parrot
    shows, the latest news from parrot-based environmental
    efforts, educational credits... even a Virtual Vending

    The 2020 Seattle Parrot Expo will be hosted over a mixed
    platform of free events on Facebook and YouTube; plus those
    exclusive live programs by paid registration through Zoom.
    It all begins on our website: or, where you can find information
    and contacts.

    Please join us and register for the all our Virtual Events!

    Registration levels are offered from FREE to $25.00, so,
    there really is something available for everyone... plus
    there are goodies and rewards for registration.

    Don’t Delay, Register Today.

    only - Zoom Registrations, Facebook Live, YouTube. DATES:
    September 26th - October 3rd. WEBSITE:;
    CONTACT: Debbie Goodrich, President, Director, Seattle
    Parrot Expo. PHONE: 253-951-4452 EMAIL:

    Seattle Parrot Expo endeavors to bring parrot awareness,
    education and enrichment activities into the local
    communities all year long, but 2020 has been especially
    hard for everyone. With your continued and much appreciated
    support, we really have been able to be “People Helping
    Parrots; and Parrots Helping People”. We’ve traveled to
    fire rescue efforts with donated Bird Food, Cages, Carriers
    and Toys. We’ve helped transport rescued birds into
    temporary shelters and homes, gotten veterinarian aid for
    those who needed it. From COVID to fires and storms, we’ve
    done our best to be there and to do whatever we can, so,
    many thanks go out to our donors, sponsors and supporters.
    None of it would be possible without you.

    Seattle Parrot Expo

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