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Post: Please Beware Of What Bird You Buy

Posted by Andrew on 9/30/04

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    I often heard hobbyist buy birds and were not please with
    what they buy. Through out the years I have my share with
    that bad experience also. I learned if at all possible
    please inspect the birds first before you buy....note that
    an average bird life span is about 10 years are more. Don't
    want any deformity birds because neglect would surely
    happen. Little money you save might cost much more later.
    Keep in mind that not many people would want to sale a
    really good bird unless they are a breeder and have excess
    birds, they themself can't handle. Taking chance of not
    seeing the birds first hand is not a good idea in my
    opinion. Taking a breeder words or hobbyist word is not
    enough. If you want to buy a softbill birds...and I am sure
    you wanted the bird to have a really good my
    opinion and experience....make sure you heard the birds
    sing a couple of time before you buy...don't be pressure
    bye seller trying to say that there are other people
    interested in it. Taking your time and getting the right
    birds is very can enjoyed it for years to
    come....Please think about that one.....Hope it help
    someone here.....Andrew....

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