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Re: Please Beware Of What Bird You Buy

Posted by Michael L on 9/30/04
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    On 9/30/04, Andrew wrote:
    > I often heard hobbyist buy birds and were not please with
    > what they buy. Through out the years I have my share with
    > that bad experience also. I learned if at all possible
    > please inspect the birds first before you buy....note that
    > an average bird life span is about 10 years are more. Don't
    > want any deformity birds because neglect would surely
    > happen. Little money you save might cost much more later.
    > Keep in mind that not many people would want to sale a
    > really good bird unless they are a breeder and have excess
    > birds, they themself can't handle. Taking chance of not
    > seeing the birds first hand is not a good idea in my
    > opinion. Taking a breeder words or hobbyist word is not
    > enough. If you want to buy a softbill birds...and I am sure
    > you wanted the bird to have a really good my
    > opinion and experience....make sure you heard the birds
    > sing a couple of time before you buy...don't be pressure
    > bye seller trying to say that there are other people
    > interested in it. Taking your time and getting the right
    > birds is very can enjoyed it for years to
    > come....Please think about that one.....Hope it help
    > someone here.....Andrew....

    Your words are truer than you can imagine.
    Throughout the years of buying birds I have been taken
    advantage of more times than I can recall. While many bird
    breeders are honest and have integrity, there are many that
    are bottom dwellers.
    Without going into great detail, there is a man, who still
    posts on birdmart classifieds, who sold me a proven pair of
    DNA'd Senegals that were both males. He is still unloading
    some other birds that he still has. Another man sold me a
    pair of Red Bellied that, while they are beautiful, the male
    has broken toes. Never felt that was important enough to
    devulge before the sale. Both of these pairs were shipped to
    Which brings up another can't always find what
    you are looking for locally so shipping becomes necessary.
    Shipping also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes
    to adding new blood to your existing flock.
    It is a tough call to make when buying birds, but as you
    said, it really is best if you can see the actual bird(s).
    Thanks for the advice.

    Michael L