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Re: Post No Ads

Posted by Webmaster on 1/11/05
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    On 1/11/05, c-rex wrote:
    > Hi Webmaster
    > Sorry to post this on the Chatboard but I'm not sure how to
    > contact you privately. I am grateful for this board as a
    > venue for posting sale/wanted notices of softbilled birds as
    > well as questions, discussion, etc. Softbilled bird ads get
    > lost in hookbill forums - many people won't wade through
    > 10,000 hookbill ads hoping to stumble across a softbill ad.
    > Have you had complaints from someone about the sale
    > postings? Could it have been a competitor of the business
    > recently named on this board?
    > I hope others will express their preference one way or the
    > other on this.

    I appreciate your input here but this is a chatboard, and
    specifically reserved for discussions related to the forum topic
    (softbills). There is a classifieds section of this website,
    and it is likewise reserved for its explicit purpose.