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Re: Post No Ads /for C-rex

Posted by Michael L on 1/11/05
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    On 1/11/05, c-rex wrote:
    > Hi Webmaster
    > Sorry to post this on the Chatboard but I'm not sure how to
    > contact you privately. I am grateful for this board as a
    > venue for posting sale/wanted notices of softbilled birds as
    > well as questions, discussion, etc. Softbilled bird ads get
    > lost in hookbill forums - many people won't wade through
    > 10,000 hookbill ads hoping to stumble across a softbill ad.
    > Have you had complaints from someone about the sale
    > postings? Could it have been a competitor of the business
    > recently named on this board?
    > I hope others will express their preference one way or the
    > other on this.
    > C-rex

    When I read the original ad that was posted, the first 'red
    flag' that went up was the signature of "wevmaster."
    Bob Reap is the webmaster of this board and he signs his post
    with his name.
    Secondly, this person tried to insert the logo in
    his/her ad and didn't do it correctly and the little box with
    the red x appeared. I say this becase not long ago, I believe
    this same person wrote us another message from 'webmaster' with
    the same style of writing, and did master the insertion of the
    If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance. But I firmly believe
    this ad was written by someone other than Bob.

    Michael L