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Re: Post No Ads / Damian

Posted by Debby on 1/14/05
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    On 1/13/05, Damian wrote:

    As I understand your plight, all you have to do is keep going on the
    "ForSale" board and posting your add over and over again. I know they
    get lost as there are so many, and that is why you have to keep going
    back, maybe every hour or so and reposting your For Sale Ad. Just a


    > No ,very untrue. There are only a few softbill breeders . If we post
    > in the for sale section our ads will be lost with all the parrot ads.
    > I thought most softbill boards were helping to promote captive
    > breeding and conservation.We are a very small group and could not
    > possible fill up the board. But i respect the request and will reframe
    > from posting for sale or wanted. Just wish there was a softbills for
    > sale\wanted section so our ads would not be overlooked.
    > Damian
    > On 1/13/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> I find it annoying to find ''for sale adds, or wanted ads'' in the
    >> birdy birds, i mean why would their be a "for sale board, and
    >> wanted board" if people would post here? Thats why we have them so
    >> the for sale ones don't make people upset...just think about it,
    >> if alot of people found out that the webmaster ( which ofcourse he
    >> doesn't) but just saying, like he allowed people to post these
    >> wanted, and for sale ads here, there will be soo many posts, that
    >> a person who has need of help, or a question and they post it it
    >> will get lost between the ads that say they want a certain bird or
    >> for sale >.< (My opinion and maybe fact?)
    >> Kitty.J