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Re: Post No Ads / Damian

Posted by c-rex on 1/14/05
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    On 1/14/05, Debby wrote:
    > As I understand your plight, all you have to do is keep going on the
    > "ForSale" board and posting your add over and over again. I know they
    > get lost as there are so many, and that is why you have to keep going
    > back, maybe every hour or so and reposting your For Sale Ad. Just a
    > suggestion
    > Debby

    Or, just post it once on the Softbills board so that people who are not
    interested don't have to read the same ad numerous times. Anyway, a
    Mynah ad has been posted so it seems that Michael L is right, it wasn't
    actually Webmaster Bob who was trying to change the board format.