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Re: Chatboards for posts (not ads)

Posted by Bob Reap (webmaster) on 1/14/05
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    On 1/14/05, c-rex wrote:
    > On 1/14/05, Debby wrote:
    >> As I understand your plight, all you have to do is keep going on the
    >> "ForSale" board and posting your add over and over again. I know they
    >> get lost as there are so many, and that is why you have to keep going
    >> back, maybe every hour or so and reposting your For Sale Ad. Just a
    >> suggestion
    >> Debby
    > Or, just post it once on the Softbills board so that people who are not
    > interested don't have to read the same ad numerous times. Anyway, a
    > Mynah ad has been posted so it seems that Michael L is right, it wasn't
    > actually Webmaster Bob who was trying to change the board format.

    OK Guys, a few comments - first, I did post the message, and it accurately
    reflects our very strictly enforced (or at least interpretted) policy of
    no ads on the chatboards. (I did make an error in the posting of the
    logo image, but you'll note it is now corrected, a confirmation that the
    post had to come from me).

    Also, it's not a very compelling argument to say that there are so few
    softbill ads that they should get their own classifieds section. The
    converse could conceivably be true, but at this point the system is buzzing
    along quite successfully and I have no plans of changing the system (or at
    least splitting the for sale topics).

    People who want to search for softbills can use their browser's find
    function in the complete listing of classified/for sale ads, or when I get
    the4 search function tweaked, search for birds etc. this way.

    Again, this section is reserved exclusively for softbill discuissions,
    because the goal here is to develop a softbill owners' support community -
    not a softbill traders' community. If 95% (which was about true) of the
    posts on this board are ads, softbill owners will not come to rely on this
    forum as a place to network with other softbill owners and find solutions,
    trade stories, and make friends.

    I thank you for your feedback and support.... :o)