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Re: Post No Ads /for C-rex /add on

Posted by Damian on 2/06/05
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    On 1/13/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > I find it annoying to find ''for sale adds, or wanted ads'' in the
    > birdy birds, i mean why would their be a "for sale board, and
    > wanted board" if people would post here? Thats why we have them so
    > the for sale ones don't make people upset...just think about it,
    > if alot of people found out that the webmaster ( which ofcourse he
    > doesn't) but just saying, like he allowed people to post these
    > wanted, and for sale ads here, there will be soo many posts, that
    > a person who has need of help, or a question and they post it it
    > will get lost between the ads that say they want a certain bird or
    > for sale >.< (My opinion and maybe fact?)
    > Kitty.J
    the only complaints came from nonsoftbill people . May be its not a
    softbill board any more ordo not want us softbill breeders here anymore.