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Re: Superb Starlings diet breeding Ect.

Posted by Gillian Sumner on 2/25/06
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    On 1/05/06, Tiffany Jayne wrote:
    > On 2/08/05, mjv wrote:
    >> Hello, I am curious what kind of diet other Superb
    > Starling
    >> owners here feed their birds. What Kind of nest box is
    > best
    >> for them, the size of nest box, and location in the
    > flight?
    >> Can you breed them in trios? Can you keep more than one
    >> pair in a flight and still have success breeding.
    >> Thank you in advance,
    >> Mike
    >> PS I am also looking for an extra male to buy or will
    > trade
    >> a female
    > Do you still have your Superb Starlings?
    > If so, what State do you live in?
    > Tiffany