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Re: For Kitty J/ Thanks Michael L

Posted by Kitty.J on 3/12/05
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    LOL, SO HALARIOUS LOOKING!!! I LOVE IT!! its like a fluffy
    cat, its soo cute!!! That bird is soo awesome!!!!

    Well Michael i have some sad news about the doves i was
    going to buy, they were not at the pet store, but were
    replaced with white doves, pure whities. These new ones are
    pretty but i liek the Tangerines. I hope who ever owns them
    now has the proper care and hopefully the lady who ones the
    birds who also works at the petstore finally took her birds
    home... Also these new doves i think are hers. The lady at
    the shop has doves. Well maybe i'll save these whities, they
    are pretty. I am also thinking about getting two out of four
    Java sparrows who have been their since August last year,
    and they are $69.99 for two of them. I am also thinking
    about getting to society finches for my society finches
    TeenyWeeny and PeeWee, they are 14 months old now, and they
    are siblings, and i don't breed birds who are relative,
    inbreeding not my thing. Oh, well thanks for the picture, i
    would looove to buy that pigeon, its totally awesome
    looking, never saw one like that before, lol. ^_^