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Re: softbill FOOD HELP

Posted by Andrew on 3/29/05
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    On 3/25/05, Lauren wrote:
    > On 3/24/05, Andrew wrote:
    >> On 3/22/05, lauren wrote:
    >>> i have birds that fall into the category of Carnivorous
    >>> Omnivores(laughing thrush) and insectivore(shama). what is
    >>> the best food out there to feed these guys. right now i
    >>> feed the laughing thrush a 50/50 mixture of mazuri
    >>> insectivore plus mazuri small bird maintenance, as for the
    >>> shama only mazuri insectivore. off course insects also.
    >>> any recommendation on a particular food out there would be
    >>> appreciate. im trying to find the best best food out there
    >>> to offer to my bird. dont get me wrong mazuri is good too.
    >>> just want to hear other hoobyist opinion on what they feed
    >>> their birds and the result.
    >>> thanks in advance.
    >> Hi Lauren,
    >> I too feed my birds mazuri. But I mixed them with Feast
    >> Insectivorous from the BirdCare Company and Orlux....Insect
    >> Patee....and of course live term of variety. Over
    >> the years I found this combination work really well for me.
    >> I know that feeding just mazuri and some life food will be
    >> fine for your softbill birds. But like all thing....I
    >> believed in the wild.....birds have a variety to pick and
    >> choose. So my mixture of all three plus live food.....I
    >> think tend to be the best for my birds. When given this
    >> mixture. I notice they are more lively.....sing more...have
    >> an exceptional plumage.
    > hi andrew
    > thank you for sharing. i use to feed them feast insectivore
    > also, but they seems to eat all the mazuri first and barely
    > touch the feast. so i stop with the feast. you feed your birds
    > three different food, do they eat it all at the same time, or
    > sort out there favorite first and least last. how do you solve
    > this problem. i keep refilling the mazuri pellets, afraid that
    > they would not like(eat) the feast and starve to death.
    > thanks again for your advice.

    Hi Lauren,

    Yes, my birds too tend to eat the mazuri first and then the
    other two products I've used. I believed that since they are so
    use to eating mazuri...that's why they eat it first. But I
    believed the other two products I mention is much better for my
    birds. Therefore, I mixed all three and they can pick what ever
    they want. With finishing all of the feast me
    since its a powder form with some dry insects not pellets form
    like the mazuri. My birds tend to not finished all of
    them ...especially the powder form...but I know they do eat what
    the can or like.

    As for me Lauren....I change my birds water everyday...and of
    course their food everyday. I only feed them what they can eat
    within a day.....and the extra I will through them away. To me
    food doesn't cost much but the health of your birds is.

    Have a wonderful day...and Lauren....keep in mind that what work
    for one hobbyist doesn't mean it will work for the other....but
    its good to know......