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Re: Paradise Tanager food

Posted by Billy Cochran on 5/01/05
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    I feed my tanagers and honeycreepes ZuPreem Fruit Blend
    Maintenance for Finches and Canaries. This is a multicolored
    pellet for small birds. You can buy this in like 3lb bags or
    25lb bags like I do...or maybe its 20 lb bags. Most pet
    stores will carry a similar fruit blend mix, usually in the
    smaller sized bags. If need be, you can see if an area pet
    store will order you a large bag. I think I paid around $28
    for the 25 or 20lb bag at a bird fair.

    If you decide to use a fruit rainbow mix, you'll notice that
    the birds will pick out certain colors to eat, and the first
    color eaten one day may not be the first eaten the following
    day(s) or however it may be.


    Alabama Aviaries