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Re: Are doves really worth this much?

Posted by Arlita on 2/07/06
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    On 5/13/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Today, I received this email:
    > You can buy doves for $10 or $20 dollars i just got a ring
    neck dove for $10 those people are just scaming you.Arlita
    > hello
    > proven pair of Ringneck Doves available for
    > sale.The ARE banded and handfed, well tame,have
    > good health condition,DNA REGISTERD
    > and all papers available.welling to be ship if
    > you can not pick up.$600 witout shipping for each.
    > contact back for more information or view our
    > wedsite at -address withheld- if you are stil
    > interested,write us at
    > -address withheld-
    > or call at 00xxxxxxxxxx i am in mariland
    > you are welcome
    > catherine
    > I found this slightly fishy. For one, when is dove more
    > expensive then a conure? Two, is there a way to DNA
    > register doves? Since when do doves come with paperwork-
    > what am I buying, a dove or a dog? Three, when did the US
    > start using a double zero for an area code in Mariland (I
    > x'ed over the number in case it was real)? Seriously, now.
    > $1200 for two doves? They better be 10 karet gold ecrested
    > with some serious bling.
    > When I emailed this person back, I asked what was so
    > specail about them. The reply :
    > the are very nice and health.
    > thanks
    > -And this is stated and spelled just how I got it.