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Re: Laughing Dove

Posted by Lisa on 12/05/07
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    still have your laughing dove ? I have a pure white male
    laughing dove... very vocal laughing and cooing, bowing.. he
    is amazing..

    On 5/26/05, Deb Nelson wrote:
    > Does anyones else have a laughing dove. My ringneck does
    > this evil sounding laugh. The first time my daughter
    > it she cried because she thought someone was in the
    > Now it is just funny. I emailed a guy in England asking
    > him about it and said that it was the sign of a happy
    > dove. And that mine seemed to be very vocal was probably
    > male. I hope to find a female because I don't want him to
    > be lonely.
    > Oh, and I didn't give $600 dollars for him either!!
    > Deb