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Re: Laughing Dove

Posted by Ted on 5/26/05
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    On 5/26/05, Deb Nelson wrote:
    > Does anyones else have a laughing dove. My ringneck does
    > this evil sounding laugh. The first time my daughter heard
    > it she cried because she thought someone was in the house.
    > Now it is just funny. I emailed a guy in England asking
    > him about it and said that it was the sign of a happy
    > dove. And that mine seemed to be very vocal was probably a
    > male. I hope to find a female because I don't want him to
    > be lonely.
    > Oh, and I didn't give $600 dollars for him either!!
    > Deb

    Hi Deb,

    Ring neck does make that like laughing sound, normally before
    and after completing it cooing song. So it is normal for him
    to make that sound. Yes the vocal one is always a male.